“Every kid deserves to know that they are seen, that they are important and that their life can become something beautiful".

Students cannot begin to learn about anything without first being rooted in a strong, healthy and true identity. Just as one must first cultivate the soil before he is to plant his garden, a teacher must continually cultivate the culture of their classroom and the heart of their students. Strong academic lessons infused with an acute awareness of our words to form identity - these will develop the heart of a child. This is the goal of not only the Lion Heart Classroom but also the Lion Heart Experience that travels to schools in the Mid-West.

Strong and healthy individuals leads to a thriving communities and schools, strong marriages, faithful fathers and mothers, creative workplaces and people who can reach the world. 


The Lion Heart Experience

Creating life-changing experiences that infuse young people with a sense of identity, hope and belonging.

The Lion Heart Classroom

Building a community and culture inside the classroom fueled by musical creativity and the art of building people.

The Lion Heart Classroom

Lion Heart is not just an assembly experience, it’s also a commitment to my own students in Detroit who I see almost every day. The Lion Heart Classroom exists to not only give an amazing music education with nuances of songwriting, production and performance. My classroom, just like my assemblies, exists to infuse young people the purpose and identity.